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The following testimonials have been graciously provided by client consent

Concentrated on My Specific Problems

My chiropractor retired and there I was again out there looking for a doctor who would help me to continue in good health. I visited Dr. Pohl and very quickly decided I would give him my business.

I have been very happy with his manner and his applying of techniques other than what I was accustomed to. He performed gentle manipulations and concentrations on my specific problems. I had severe whiplash in 1985 and need tune ups for my neck, medium back and lower back. I would recommend him.

- Carol J., October 12, 2012

Massage and Adjustment Eased My Lower Back Pain

“I have problems with my right hip causing problems with my lower back. I also do a lot of driving due to work causing upper back and neck issues. Coming into Heritage Chiropractic to see Cassie for a massage and then an adjustment with Dr. Darren gets me feeling better almost immediately. The service you get at Heritage Chiropractic is second to none. Thank you to the whole staff.”

- Cory Lyons

Dr. Pohl’s Treatment Allowed Me to Play Golf Again

"I have been a client of Heritage Chiropractic for about 9 years. In all that time, both the support of staff and Dr. Pohl have been unfailingly pleasant and encouraging. There is no doubt in my mind that these treatments have been instrumental in enabling me to continue to play golf and be comfortable."

- James R. Anderson

Heritage Chiropractic Focuses on the Small Details

“I have been sporadically attending Heritage Chiropractic for a year and my experience has been great. Previous clinics I have utilized have not taken the full measures that Dr. Pohl has taken in assessing and caring for particulars in individuals.”

- Eugene Leslie

ART Effective for My Son’s Severe Plantar Fasciitis

“My son had been suffering from severe plantar fasciitis for over 2 years. I had tried everything, including expensive orthotics, physiotherapy, and reflexology, all of which gave him only slight temporary relief, not helping for the long-term. Any type of exercise and sometimes even just walking would cause him terrible pain to the extent he was unable to put weight on his feet. A friend recommended we try ART and that is how we found Dr. Tenhove. After his first 2 treatments of ART with Dr. Tenhove, we saw an immediate benefit. He was able to walk more and his pain had decreased significantly. After a few months of treatment he is now virtually pain-free and able to do so much more. My son has progressed from a child who was unable to walk more than a block without severe pain to now being able to participate in Phys. Ed in school. I would strongly advise anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis to pursue ART as a course of treatment.”

- Janna Miller

What Clients Love About Heritage Chiropractic Clinic

Dr. Darren Has Been so Excellent!

"A couple months ago I could hardly walk or bend at all and now my back feels great. I so enjoy coming to the office, all staff are so helpful. I would recommend this office and Dr. Darren to anyone!"

- Megan McAleese

Friendly, Accommodating Staff

“Every time we come, the staff is very friendly. Dr. Darren is very gentle on my son and my son reminds me when he needs to come. Whenever we need an appointment, the staff members do their best to accommodate our needs. My son has calmed down and is more able to focus because he is able to sit still in class and not have to fidget. He is now an honour roll student. Thank you.”

- Pam Komula

I’ll Try to Be Objective

"I had been a patient of Dr. Demehuk for at least 10 years. His retirement had me being transferred to a new chiropractor, Dr. Pohl. I had been on AISH for a long time and Dr. Demehuk had given me a lowered cost for his services. I was surprised and very grateful to find Dr. Pohl would allow me to stay at the same payment amount. Many times when going to Dr. Demehuk, he would mention to me how important the muscles were in their connection with the vertebrae. But the adjustment rarely involved muscle work. So, as I continued to see Dr. Pohl, I discovered how important muscles are in affecting the vertebrae. His ART work (sorry – I don’t know what it stands for) on me was different. I thought it hurt a lot sometimes. I gradually began to experience better overall results than I had with Dr. Demehuk. Part of my trouble is connected to my spinal structure. At the small of my back, instead of curving inward, mine curves outward. I don’t know the name for that condition. But when the muscles get worked on before any adjustment is made – it makes a real difference in the overall health and regular functions of my entire body. I am very thankful for how I have been treated as a patient and person. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Pohl to anyone who is having back problems, which is something like 80% of all working people."

-Donald Ottosen

ART Treatments Gave Me Relief from My Pain

“My name is Bart Macintosh. I am a very active person who takes care of myself through a variety of different physical activity. It takes a lot to put me out of commission, so when it happens I know it’s serious and don’t waste any time seeking treatment. Over the last few years, two injuries stand out in my mind. The first was a rotator cuff problem due to repetitive lifting at my work. I visited my family doctor and, in my opinion, the standard ice, Motrin, and physio were prescribed. In a lot of cases this does the job and works well in the recovery process. After over a month of faithful treatment and medication, the problem only improved about 5%. At this point you start to think “what next?" Am I ever going to get back to normal? After talking to Dr. Rob Tenhove about Active Release Therapy I decided, “what would it hurt, I’ve got to try something." During the first treatment he explained to me how the muscles in my back and shoulder blade were the cause of the majority of the pain in the rotator cuff. When I had walked into the treatment room, I could only lift my arm from a standing position approximately 6 to 8 inches. I had full range of motion, not without some slight pain, after the first treatment. I had been in pain for so long and had such limited range of motion that I was amazed at how the ART had helped. The second was a knee condition that my doctor had diagnosed as patello-femoral syndrome. Again, the Motrin had helped temporarily by masking the pain, but provided no solution to the problem. Once again I contacted Dr. Tenhove and he wasted no time in starting ART. After one session of treatment, my knee felt like it had relief from 90% of the pain and my range of motion was almost totally restored. That evening I attended my basketball game and figured I would go through the warm-ups to test my knee. I hadn’t done any running or much of anything for the past couple weeks until that night. I ended up playing a good portion of the game and a lot of my teammates couldn’t believe I even had any knee trouble. After a few more ART sessions and an extensive stretching provided by Dr. Rob, my knee was returning to normal. ART has worked wonders for me and I would not hesitate to use it again in the future and without a doubt, would recommend it to anyone.”

- Bart Macintosh, Red Deer, Alberta

ART Healed My Overuse Injury from Playing Baseball

“Playing lots of baseball growing up, making it through to play at the university level, then coaching at the university level, my throwing shoulder has gone through a lot of abuse over the years. After getting out of coaching I lived with constant aches and pains that I thought was something that I would just have to put up with or have surgery. After Dr. Rob Tenhove said that he might be able to help, I decided to give it a try. After approximately three weeks of treatments he decided he had done what he could do for now and advised me just to just let it rest and heal for a while before any more treatments. I had my doubts that the pain would go away, but after about a week after my last treatment I realized that I could sleep on my right side again, I could raise my arm without pain, and that the constant ache that I was living with was gone. I would definitely recommend ART treatments to anyone who is living with pain like I was. I would also highly recommend Dr. Rob who was very professional with his approach to my problems and took it personally to do his very best to try and help me.”

- Brian Muir, Delburne, Alberta

14 Years of Great Service

Dr. Darren has always made the time to get me in when I need it, with no long waits for appointments. Once in, he doesn't over do it; he does what is required to once again get me back to normal and be able to sleep. I have been seeing Darren for 14 years now and have always appreciated his service. All the staff at Heritage are very accomodating. Thanks a million, you're the best.

- Lynn Sheeschuk

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